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Displacement Sensor Applications

Displacement sensors are used within any application where the measurement of movement is required

Displacement sensors are used within any application where the measurement of movement is required, for example;

  • Shifts in position

  • Gaps and change in gaps

  • Vibrations

  • Expansion of objects

  • Inclines

  • Expansion due to temperature

Displacement sensors convert the movement into electromagnetic, electrostatic or magnetoelectric signals which can be read and converted into data and a readable format for the user.

There are so many different industries which use displacement sensors and a huge amount of applications within these industries. Virtually anything that moves will require measurement and will therefore require a displacement sensor of some type.

Displacement Sensor Applications

Machine automation - these are extreme environments so the sensor must have the correct sealing to be suitable.

Aerospace applications - satellites, drones, space vehicles and flight simulators all have a requirement for movement to be measured and therefore displacement sensors are required.

Hydraulics - sensors in these applications usually need to be resistant to shock and vibration due to the nature of the industry.

Power turbines - these applications usually use LVDTs which are a type of displacement sensor.

Research testing facilities - another application which requires suitable sealing for the environment.

Elevators - measuring the position of the elevator and door opening position.

Special Effects - to create some special effects within the film industry, displacement sensors are needed to help with the creation.

Ramp and bridge position - in any instance when a ramp or bridge needs to be repositioned a displacement sensor is needed. The exact position needs to be measured to ensure the vehicles driving on the bridge/ ramp are safe.

Types of Displacement Sensors

Displacement sensors are another name for Position Sensors. They can measure displacement in either a linear or rotary motion. They can use non contacting principles or contacting ones, this will depend on the requirements of the application itself.

Displacement Sensors from Positek

Our displacement sensors are available as linear or rotary. They use our own patented PIPS (Positek inductive position sensing) technology which is non contacting and similar to LVDT and RVDT but with added benefits.

For more information on our products take a look at our linear sensors and rotary sensors. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Article published on: 25/10/2019

Article last updated on: 25/10/2019