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What is a Temperature Probe

A temperature probe is a type of sensor which measures temperature in air, liquids or solid surfaces.

What is a temperature probe? A temperature probe is a type of sensor which measures temperature in air, liquids or solid surfaces. They are used throughout many industries and many applications.

Temperature probes are available in different shapes and sizes, with different connection options, temperature ranges and environmental protection factors.

Temperature probes are new to our range at Positek - see the products we can offer here.

A temperature probe contains a sensing element, this can be either NTC or RTD. Both of these sensing elements measure temperature by monitoring the change in resistance of electrical energy over a circuit. When the temperature increases, the resistance decreases meaning the electrical energy can move faster which then gives a higher reading and can be converted to reflect the change in temperature.

NTC temperature probes are usually lower cost than other alternatives, they are well suited to mid-range temperature applications. They are very sensitive and offer quick response times. Different resistance values are available and can be selected based on the requirements of the application.

RTD temperature probes are more suited to high-temperature range applications, they are often more expensive than NTC temperature probes but they are generally more reliable and offer a longer life.

What is a Temperature Probe Used For?

A temperature probe is used in any application which requires temperature measurement. Some of the application examples are;

  • 3D printing

  • Patient monitoring

  • HVAC applications

  • Communication equipment monitoring

  • White goods

  • Home appliances

  • Energy applications

  • Computer monitoring applications

Our temperature probes are often selected for use as they have the following benefits;

  • Cost effective

  • Highly sensitive

  • Long life

  • IP protection rated (see individual data sheets for full details)

We also offer bespoke temperature probes, if you have a temperature sensing application but can't see the product you are looking for please contact us.

Temperature Probes from Postiek

Our temperature probes come from our sister company Variohm Eurosensor. They cover temperature ranges from -40°C to 230°C they are well used in industries such as Motorsport, commercial equipment, food and drink, domestic use and more.

For more information on temperature probes or on any of the products we offer please contactus.

Article published on: 26/03/2020

Article last updated on: 26/03/2020