Non-contacting inductive technology eliminates wear for Positek’s new submersible rotary sensor

Positek, the leading UK designer and manufacturer of non-contacting linear, rotary, tilt and intrinsically safe sensors, has launched a new rotary position sensor aimed at demanding industrial, vehicle, marine, and offshore angle measurement tasks. Protected against water jets and submersion, the compact and durable S508 rotary sensor is fully sealed to IP68 10 bar and IP69K with shaft drive, flange mount and 35 mm diameter housing in 316 stainless-steel. The precision sensor offers an independent linearity to +/- 0.25 % FSO (0.1% FSO on request) with factory-set angle measurement up to 160°, and full 360° mechanical rotation. Maximum performance and reliability is supported with impressive specifications for temperature range, temperature coefficient, vibration, and shock plus an extremely long MTBF life of 350,000 hours at 40 degrees. For maximum application flexibility the calibrated angle output can be supplied in a wide choice of instrument-level voltage and current output options as ratiometric or buffered signals that are available across most common supply input voltages from +/- 5V DC to +/- 24V DC.

Positek’s technology is a thoroughly proven advance in other displacement sensor principles. Developed and refined over several years, the technology wins against conventional potentiometric, hall and RVDT with simpler coils and less environmental suceptability. Positek’s ASIC control electronics interprets the absolute position of embedded inductive coils to provide a proportional, high-bandwidth DC analogue output signal with infinite resolution that requires no external signal conditioning. Furthermore, the cost-competitive technology does not require the use of expensive magnetic materials - and in contrast to potentiometer-based displacement sensors, delivers an extremely long working life.

Full specifications for the S508 submersible rotary sensor are available with PDF download available from the Positek website. Positek, a division of Variohm Eurosensor, is an ISO9001:2015 designer and manufacturer producing a wide range of linear, rotary and tilt position sensors for use across demanding applications in industries as diverse as oil & gas, mining, marine, agriculture, construction, off-road, motorsports, and more. Several product lines have optional ATEX, IECEx and CSA certification and product customisation is available on short lead times. Further information on the complete range of Positek sensors and components is available at, or email or call +44(0)1242 820027.


Article published on: 03/10/2022

Article last updated on: 03/10/2022