Intrinsically Safe Rotary Sensors

Specialists in standard and custom intrinsically safe sensor design

As part of our extensive range of rotary sensors, we supply a selection of intrinsically safe sensors that are specially designed for use in potentially explosive environments. 

Intrinsically safe equipment systems provide a safe operating environment for personnel and equipment by restricting the flow of electrical energy into a hazardous area. Therefore, any sparks that may be generated as a result of electrical failures will not be strong enough to cause ignition. 

This is what makes intrinsically safe sensors, such as the Positek rotary position transducer, one of the safer systems on the market. 

Not only do our intrinsically safe sensors eradicate the threat of an explosion, but as with every sensor that we produce, our rotary sensor solutions utilise contactless technology to ensure unrivalled reliability, especially over rotary potentiometer technology. The rotary position sensor therefore operates without wear or interference in all applications, and boasts an exceptionally long cycle-life.

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If our standard range does not fulfil your requirements, please contact a member of our engineering team, who will be able to custom design an intrinsically safe sensor to suit. Unlike many rvdt manufacturers, we can ship your inductive electronic angle sensor out to you in as little as 1-2 working days.

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Intrinsically Safe Rotary Sensors: Are They Really Safe?

If you are new to the idea of intrinsically safe rotary sensors, it’s time to get acquainted with them. Basically, these are sensors designed to avoid fires brought about by sparks generated as a result of electrical malfunctions or failures. They are intended for settings where there are high chances of fires or explosions.

What makes Positek’s Intrinsically Safe Rotary Sensors so safe?

The main feature that makes intrinsically safe sensors safe is their ability to prevent the generation of electric sparks strong enough to ignite a fire or explosion. This is done by restricting the flow of electricity into rooms or areas considered hazardous such as the location of fuel tanks or storage rooms where volatile solutions are kept. Electric devices or connections can produce sparks that can be enough to ignite flammable gas suspended in the air, a situation that Positek’s intrinsically safe sensor is designed to avoid.

The inductive sensor technology used by Positek in its intrinsically safe sensors is ATEX/IECEx and CSA certified. Sira Certification Service has granted Positek with the “Intrinsically Safe” qualification for manufacturing electronic devices or systems that are based on the PIPS® technology. This means that Positek’s rotary position sensors are certified safe for use in environments where dusts, vapours, and hazardous gases abound.

How long is the life cycle of the rotary position sensor?

Positek’s intrinsically safe rotary position sensors utilise contactless technology, which makes it more reliable. This contactless nature is an important part of creating an intrinsically safe equipment. Being contactless means there are minimal moving parts so the usual rate of wear and tear is minimised. This is better than the usual rotary potentiometer technology typically used by other systems.

This is why Positek’s product is advertised to have an extraordinarily long life cycle. Of course, the extent of the useful life of the sensor will still be dependent on the frequency it is being used so it would not be accurate to peg a specific number of users. However, Positek guarantees its product will last a considerably longer time as compared to standard options.

Do intrinsically safe rotary sensors come in custom-made sizes?

Intrinsically safe rotary sensors are offered in custom sizes by Positek. In fact, Positek’s website has a page dedicated to highlighting its custom position sensors. The company brags of having more than 25 years of experience in the design and production of custom position sensors, including submersible rotary sensors. Positek has the extensive expertise and experience to provide bespoke displacement sensors to meet specific needs.

Even better, Positek promises quick turnaround for the delivery of its customised sensors. This is made possible because they design and produce everything at their own onsite production facility. The use of inductive technology is also an added advantage for customisation because it is simpler and it takes the place of the restrictive custom potentiometer.

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