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Intrinsically Safe Sensors for Hazardous Gas and Vapour Environments

Hazardous environments with high amount of combustible gas and vapour require intrinsically safe sensors. Positek is a leading manufacturer of inductive, non-contact sensors certified for use in applications requiring adherence to intrinsic safety standards.

In many industrial applications of position sensors, the assembly requires sensors to meet intrinsic safety standards. An intrinsic safety system by definition is equipment and corresponding wiring that is not capable of releasing enough thermal or electric energy to cause ignition in the presence of hazardous atmospheric conditions. To achieve intrinsic safety, the amount of power supplied to the system needs to be in a very limited amount, so much so that it is not enough to ignite the gases that surround the assembly.

When sensors are intended for applications in hazardous working environments where there are combustible gases and vapour, the sensor needs to comply with required standards for intrinsic safety. Positek's range of intrinsically safe sensors qualified for at least one or all of the certifications which make them suited for applications which may expose the device to combustible gases. Positek's sensors have the following certifications:


What is a â€gas and vapour" hazardous location?

A harsh environment is typically any application where a sensor is exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations, vibration or shock, high pressure, organic chemicals, corrosive compounds, hazardous gases, and flammable vapour. These conditions are usually present in the oil and mining industry, aerospace, and military applications. In any of these scenarios, it is essential that the sensor remains high performing and will not react to the gas and vapour present and cause explosions or combustion.

What types of intrinsically safe sensors does Positek have?

Positek has a complete range of position sensors suitable for all type of industrial applications. From intrinsically safe linear sensors, rotary sensors, angle sensors, and submersible sensors, Positek supplies high-performance devices to industrial buyers from various sectors of the industry.

Specific applications of intrinsically safe sensors

Position sensors are vital feedback devices used in mechanical assemblies. A linear position sensor to be exact measures the displacement of an object along a linear path and converts it into a digital, electrical, or analogue output. The feedback data provided by a sensor is responsible for controlling the functions of a machine.

Sensor technology has changed significantly throughout the years. With innovative manufacturing techniques, new materials, and affordable microelectronics, sensors today are more than capable of providing exceptional performance even in the most challenging applications.

Positek's range of intrinsically safe gas and vapour environment sensors are not only suitable for the oil and gas industry but may be applied in building robotics, heavy equipment, and manufacturing machines. Other examples of applications include sewage treatment plants, food, and beverage manufacturing facilities, laboratory equipment, and equipment used for underwater exploration.

Positek sensors product specifications

For gas and vapour applications, Positek has an extensive inventory of products to choose from. For example, our most popular linear sensor with ATEX and IECEx certification suitable for gas and vapour environment is the X100 Cylinder Linear Position Sensor. It is used explicitly in hydraulic and pneumatic installations and has the following specifications:

• Measurement range from 0-5mm to 0-800mm
• 35mm body diameter
• Features in-cylinder sensor mounting
• Environment sealing to IP65/67 depending on the cable or connector option
• Temperature range -40°C to +80°C
• Infinite resolution

Positek also offers fast delivery if you need the sensor for immediate use. In addition to the X100, there is also the X101 Stand Alone Linear Position Sensor with body clamp, rod eye mounting, and spring option available.

If the intended application requires a sensor that our current product inventory does not meet, we also offer custom building sensors according to your required specifications. Customising a sensor only takes several days. All you need to do is get in touch with our engineering team for a design consultation.

How do Positek sensors differ from other sensor technology?

In addition to intrinsic safety certification, Positek sensors are also manufactured using a patented inductive non-contact technology. Non-contact sensors are not susceptible to the effects of wear and tear, friction, and other environmental factors. Inductive sensors have longer life cycles than other comparable sensor technologies such as potentiometers and LVDTs.

With 25 years of experience in manufacturing sensors for the industrial sector, Positek's intrinsically safe sensors are designed specifically to withstand the most hazardous conditions, yet offer excellent performance, reliability, and excellent measurement resolution.

Article published on: 24/04/2019

Article last updated on: 24/04/2019